It's always steel

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VOLGOGRAD, June 22 (Xinhua) -- Iceland coach Heimir Hallgrimsson said on Friday that his team will give all out to beat Croatia and expects a tough match against their old foes in the last round of the World Cup Group D actions.

"We know the scenario when we play Croatia. I know the match will be very hard and normally it is steel to steel, not a lot of chances but a lot of yellow cards and in three games out of four we have had a red card," Hallgrimsson said of their previous encounters.

"We know what kind of game it is going to be. Croatia have shown what they can beat strong teams. They have had two really good performances. Their 3-0 victory against Argentina was a good example of how good Croatia is. However, we also have confidence because we finished ahead of them in the qualifying tournament and we beat them once," the coach added.

Croatia now leads the group with six points and Nigeria is second with 3 points. Both Iceland and Argentina collected 1 point apiece.

"We are like a married couple that want a divorce, but we always meet again," Hallgrimsson said with a smile.

Iceland finished above Croatia in their World Cup qualifying tournament and the two sides have met four times in the last four years.

Iceland lost 2-0 to Nigeria while Croatia defeated Argentina in the second round of the group phase. The last round will see Iceland versus Croatia and Nigeria against Argentina.